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We inspire municipalities

to reach their

full potential.


Emerging cities’ explosive growth is shifting global economy as well as posing complex challenges to society and governments. As a result, governments across the world are facing a real strain of resources constructing and maintaining infrastructures. These play an essential role in the continued growth and success of urban living.


ECI sees these challenges as new opportunities for public and private sectors to join forces and make cities more livable. This includes projects that create, develop and expand on public infrastructures and services to specific public infrastructures such as, bridges, schools and universities, park and recreation centers, healthcare facilities, social housing, roads, and railways.

ECI helps national and regional governments improve staff capacity for better service delivery. We develop think tanks of community leaders and entrepreneurs to cultivate innovation and create long-term planning solutions for emerging cities.  We promote foreign direct investments initiatives as well as public private partnerships to foster vibrant places and thriving people.  We will select the most experienced staff to provide you with quality assistance to realize your public private partnership project or facilitate a foreign direct investment in your city.

We also serve as consultant city planners for ongoing planning services and special projects. Our experts develop plans that accurately reflect community needs and have buy-in necessary for implementation.


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